Heated Gloves For Cold Weather

Tourmaster Heated GlovesAs we enter into the winter months, it is time to get the heated gear out and make sure it is working properly. As I have said before, my first investment in heated gear was my gloves. There is nothing more miserable than have freezing hands on your ride. It is also quite dangerous. You need the flexibility with your hands to brake, throttle and clutch, as well as to be able to hang on.

I have reddin in single digit temperatures and my heated gloves have kept my hands toasty warm. That is doing a pretty good job considering the wind-chill factor as well.

There are a couple of good brands when considering which glove to invest in. Several years ago, my first purchase was with Gerbing. They were leather gloves with heated coils. While they did the job fairly well, when it was raining, eventually they would get wet, even after applying a weather coat to the gloves. Tourmaster carries a good weather proof glove. You can learn more about their gloves here: Tourmaster Gloves.

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