Gears Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Gloves

Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Gloves

For the price, you won’t find a better leather constructed heated gloves for motorcycle riding in cold temperatures. Also ideal for snowmobiling and ATV’ing.  You will want to add the temperature controller to keep the heat at a proper level of comfort. Connecting directly to your motorcycle’s 12V battery this glove provides 27 watts of heat while drawing 2.2 amps.

The gloves are windproof, waterproof and has a breathable porelle insert to keep your hands dry and warm. They are designed so that you don’t fill the inter-heating cables. They also come with a rain squeegee wiper designed into the thumb of the left glove.

Here are two reviews from satisfied customers of the gloves:

Lisa – March 26, 2012(Virginia Beach, VA)

Made a 3 hour trip in 40 degree weather and the ride was awesome. My hands are always the first to go and the gloves prevented that. In fact, I had to put my hands in the air a little because the gloves were a little bit too toasty:) I love them, money well spent.

R. Blaire – February 23, 2012(Gardnerville, NV, NV)

Have only riden twice with these but I love them. Installation was easy and they get warm fast once turned on. Yesterday it was 27 degrees on my way to work and my hands were toasty. Next is the heated jacket.

For more information:  Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Gloves

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